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5 great infographics and their content benefits

Everyone has seen infographics (or information graphics) floating around the web. Either on a company’s website or more likely on Social Media. They often look fantastic but what’s the point of them? And should you be utilising them as part of your digital marketing or content marketing strategy?

We may not be looking hard enough but infographics in New Zealand seem in short supply compared to other significant digital markets. That means there could be real opportunity to make your mark, make your content ‘pop’ and stand out from your competitors.

Standing out and making your content ‘pop’ are just two infographic benefits. Let’s take a look at a few other significant benefits:

5 Infographic Benefits

  • #1 Brand engagement. We consume hundreds nay thousands of pieces of content every day online but what makes us stop and look? A visually appealing or unique design coupled with well-written copy can be the difference between engagement and acknowledgement or a scroll straight past.
  • #2 Brand awareness. A beautiful infographic with great content, distributed correctly can go viral, generating shares and seeding out across social channels and websites across the glove. Get the idea and execution right and let your audience do your advertising for you.
  • #3 Search Engine Rankings and backlinks. Even if they don’t go viral infographics are very shareable. Sharing and distributing your infographic on other websites can have a positive impact on your link building and subsequently your SEO results. It’s also very easy to help others embed your infographic on their website.
  • #4 Increased social metrics e.g. followers. Visuals can help you stand out from the crowd on your social channels. More often than not a beautiful graphic will engage more than standard copy. It’s a really effective way of generating more likes, follows or subscribers. The more you have the more people you have to share your next one. A beautiful endless cycle.
  • #5 Make complex or ‘boring’ content come to life. Infographics when harnessed right can be an incredibly powerful tool in helping convey relevant information your audience. This information in another form may be much less palatable and unappealing in another form. Say a graph, table or plain text. Make it easy to understand and easy to consume and the benefits will follow.

So now we know some of the benefits we’ve found five unique and inspiring approaches to the art of infographic development.

5 inspiring infographics from around the world

How Marketers Create and Consume Content

Content marketing infographic

Newscred Insights created this fantastic example of an infographic and GIF (infoGIF). This quite literally brings their data to life in an engaging and unique fashion.

The data is presented alongside striking yet simple illustrations that draw your eye to each section. Each section is built as a module so that should Newscred – or anyone else – wish to share or use it they can break down the sections and use only the data relevant to them. Despite this GIF format they can go completely static for social use.

Website Testing

Web browser resolution infographic

Webbymonks award winning infographic on testing web design is a stunning example of an interactive HTML infographic. It makes great use of illustration and adds just a dose of interactivity so as to engage, but not distract.

Whilst this infographic is not easily shared outside of the page like with a static graphic it more than makes up for it in technical achievement. They also picked a topic that is of interest to digital and tech types and then did something they did something visually and technically that they knew would appeal to that market. A fantastic example of audience targeting and maximising your reach potential.

A Well Balanced Blog

Blogging food infographic

We go old school now. A completely static infographic from Column Five Media for LinkedIn.

This graphic is quite unique in the world of data visualisation due to the inclusion of photography opposed to the usual illustration or iconography. This instantly elevates the design and helps it stand-out. This is a prime example of taking a clever idea that targets bloggers and marketers (communities known for sharing and seeding content) and then doing something unique with it to further encourage that engagement.

With the graphic being static and not overly long in height it’s prime for social sharing as well as link sharing and embedding. In short, the perfect combination to help increase your brand awareness, engagement and SEO link building.

Common Mythconceptions

Common mythconceptions infographic

London based data visualisation specialists Information is Beautiful are in the infographic business and they do it very well. We could have picked any number of their examples from their site but we went with their interactive myth busting beauty.

Another example of an interactive graphic insofar that you are able to filter your categories to break-up the data into smaller chunks. The graphic itself is very simple, using basic but effective iconography and a pastel colour palette. Whilst not the most stunning infographic on this list it more than makes up for that by presenting a topic that has the potential to appeal to everyone - read: very shareable. Interesting information spread over 2-3 short lines of copy. Perfect.

New Zealand Visitor Experience

New Zealand tourism infographic

We go back to a static to round out the top five with an example of a New Zealand infographic. Whilst this example from Tourism New Zealand doesn’t quite stack up visually in comparison to others on this list. What it does do though is show that an infographic doesn’t have to have a high concept or be interactive to help get your information across.

The data being presented in another format would struggle to generate engagement but this modular designs allows Tourism NZ to chop up their data and share as one graphic or sixteen smaller ones. An added benefit to this approach is you won’t have trouble filling your social media content calendar for a while.