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I have to admit that having read a fair few digital marketing books in my time I always struggle for some degree of motivation to first pay for a book and then to continually pick it up – unless I’m on a beach somewhere.

The obvious reason for this lack of motivation is that my brain is no longer happy sifting through hundreds of pages in black and white when it’s used to colour, pictures and exciting 300 word click-bait lists. Despite consuming tons of these articles and lists per week the supreme value of many of them can be questioned and indeed this very website can be accused of being a culprit of just that.

Now that I’ve accidentally bashed every digital marketing blog on the net – including our own – I can get to my point. A digital marketing podcast can be the absolute perfect middle ground between the ultra involved elements of a book and the fluffy nature of a blog or article. Better yet there’s enough choice out there in terms of topic, length and style that you have your pick depending on your mood or circumstances.

In researching this little list I picked through seven different top podcasts and whittled it down to just three for the time being. I could have covered off all seven but after having listened to them all I found that I’ve only come back to these three more than once. The list represents a nice cross section of the digital marketing mix with podcasts that focus on specific topics such as content, SEO and more broad options.

Target Internet Digital Marketing Podcast

Who’s it for: Digital marketing professionals
Topic: General Digital Marketing
Length: 25 minutes

My personal favourite of the three, Target Internet are a UK based company offering digital marketing training and online courses. This is a favourite partly due to the bite sized nature of the podcasts and as a result how many of them leave you wanting to explore more once the podcast has finished.

The other reason is the sheer variation in topics, whilst some of the podcasts on this list cover just one area this podcast attempts to tackle them all. Over their 100 plus podcast run they have covered virtually every digital marketing topic you can think of from digital transformation to Google Tag Manager tips. Some of the podcasts could be described as the audio only version of a YouTube tutorial video and whilst that may sound negative it is meant as a compliment.

With the podcast running time usually around the 25 minute mark these serve as a good bookend to the day, and conveniently for me very nearly covers my 35 minute wait in Auckland traffic.

Content Convergence

Who’s it for: Anyone looking for some content advice and inspiration
Topic: Content Marketing
Length: 25 – 55 minutes

A US based podcast hosted by content strategist Steve Rubel. Unlike the Target Internet podcast this offers much less in the way of practical guidance and focuses on weekly case studies and inspiration from thought leaders from across the US.

As you can probably guess from the title the focus is largely on content marketing and content strategy across the digital touch points. These tend to centre largely on how content works with and converges across the core channels such as; social media, SEO, display advertising and email marketing.

For some the podcast maybe a little too American centric but it’s an excellent insight into the minds that run content at some of the biggest and brightest organisations on the planet. Guests on the show range from established global brands to digital start-ups. Running times vary from 25 minutes to near the hour mark.

Even if each podcast doesn’t link directly to your day-to-day there’s always enough inspirational thinking, strategy and discussion about the future to keep you coming back.

SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Who’s it for: Digital marketing and SEO beginners upwards
Topic: SEO, SEM, PPC
Length: 35 minutes

Another US podcast that is in the ilk of the Target Internet podcast in so far that it’s a weekly podcast that focuses on providing hints and tips on specific SEM topics over a half hour period.

Like Target Internet this is hosted by key players for the digital agency There are smatterings of references to the core business but it’s largely focused on discussing an interesting array of informative

Despite having SEO in the title and leaning toward SEO in their topics the podcast could actually be called the SEM podcast. The podcast topics regularly include PPC and even occasionally focus on Google Display Network, Social Media and Analytics.

The hosts start by running over a few topics of interest from the latest news which aren’t always directly related to online marketing, more general digital topics. They then tackle one key article each week which they hand pick from somewhere on the web. Articles will often be a top number list which hosts Chris and Charles elaborating, expand and put their own spin on the suggestions from the article.

Whilst the basic concept of the podcast is a simple one: read out an existing online blog or article it’s done in a easily palatable fashion and like with the Target Internet podcast it gives you just enough information to want to go away and seek out more.

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